What’s behind the success of animated explainer videos?

//What’s behind the success of animated explainer videos?

What’s behind the success of animated explainer videos?

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Have you ever asked yourself – what’s behind the success of animated explainer videos? Why do viewers like them so much? Before we share the details, let us define animated explainer videos.

In order to understand these videos, we will show you what they don’t represent. They are not live action videos. This means that there are no real actors, stages, and sets in them. At the same time, they are not centered on computer screens. So, in their essence, animated explainer videos are part of a fictional world that is made by the producer. Their basic objective is to explain the mechanics behind certain product or service and attract people to buy these products.

If we take a closer look at the stats, we will notice that animated explainer videos are quite successful. This means that they are providing the results one might expect from them. There are many factors that contribute to their success, but we will focus on three crucial factors in this article.

First and foremost, thanks to animated explainer videos, creators can trigger the senses and feelings of viewers. Animations are rich mediums that are usually more powerful than other mediums simply because they are not limited to almost anything else than creativity. All it takes is to imagine something and turn it into an animation. The storytelling is much easier and more memorable when you use animations and people tend to remember animations because we are living beings that are fascinated by sight. Compare this to plain text and you’ll notice the difference.

The next thing that affects the positive results of animated explainer videos is their ability to get to the point quickly. There is absolutely no need to create very long videos with boring intros and ending scenes. The animations present in explainer videos usually contain all the important elements that the author wants to present to the audience. That’s why most of the animated explainer videos last one or two minutes.

Lastly, with a good animated explainer video, it’s simple to give sense to completely new things. Many innovative businesses have problems explaining their innovations to the audience. But, if they use a good animated explainer video with a professional script, they can summarize the things they want to present in no more than 300 words and animations that don’t last more than 120 seconds.

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