How to make explainer videos with the best software tools?

//How to make explainer videos with the best software tools?

How to make explainer videos with the best software tools?

explainer video Without any doubt, explainer videos are an excellent way to deliver your business message to a target audience over the Internet. Using the specific properties of graphics can definitely support your effort to promote your products and services as well as your business. If you are wondering how to make explainer videos, we will provide a short answer – by using specially designed software tools for this purpose. Now let’s check some of the best tools of this kind.


Drag and drop video makers are getting quite popular, but Wideo has many other things to offer. For instance, it has more than 1300 images and over 50 audio tracks. In other words, you can use it to make full high definition explainer videos without any hassles. This is a very popular software for making explainer videos with 2D animations.


Another option that you have if you are interested in using 2D animations as part of your explainer video is PowToon. If you want to bring PowerPoint videos to another level, you can’t go wrong with PowToon. This is free software that can help anyone make an effective explainer video. With the attractive pre-made templates and drop and drag feature, it’s very simple and easy to create animated explainer videos. Remember that there is a paid version of PowToon that has even more features.


This is one of the explainer video making tools that doesn’t have a free version. Yet, this is a low-cost product that you should consider. GoAnimate is an Internet-based animation tool that can help you make an explainer video fast. There are many different background options that you can use and you can also add some unique characters to your videos.


Now here’s a great example of a software tool that you can use for making whiteboard animation explainer videos. This time, you won’t need a pen to draw the animation because all the elements are already there. All you have to do is to click on them and move them on the whiteboard. MySimpleShow has a wide range of animated characters and vector images.


RawShorts is the ideal solution for beginner (and experienced) video creators. It turns out that do-it-yourself whiteboard animated videos are not very difficult to create a tool like this. The best part is the presence of many innovative graphics templates.

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