Free Explainer Videos made in PowToon: Are they any good?

//Free Explainer Videos made in PowToon: Are they any good?

Free Explainer Videos made in PowToon: Are they any good?

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The interest in free explainer videos is going up and that’s why there are so many tools designed for this purpose. Their number is increasing and some of them are more effective than the others. Before we go into details and explain why PowToon is a good option for those who want to create free explainer videos, it’s a nice idea to highlight the reasons why you should create videos like this in the first place.

For starters, with an explainer video, you can enhance engagement and make people stay longer on your website. Next, these videos allow you to explain what your product is all about in a simple way. Furthermore, they can boost conversion and ultimately strengthen your brand name.

PowToon is a software tool that allows you to create free explainer videos. This tool works in a specific way which is good for both inexperienced and experienced video creators. PowToon has a wide range of background and images to select from. This tool also has many different audio tracks and animated illustrations available to its users. Additionally, with PowToon you can record and use your own audio files. What many users like about it is the presence of different text animation solutions. Technically, PowToon works in a similar way as PowerPoint.

Those who have used PowerPoint will know how to use PowToon right away. But, even if you have not used PowerPoint, it won’t take more than a few hours to master PowToon. So, with this tool, you just have to clock to add more elements to a specific frame/slide. In addition, you will notice a time slider that manages the length of the display. Finally, there are sub sliders that allow users to manage the duration of the presence of each element in the video. To make things easier, users can download their final work and upload it directly to the world’s largest video sharing website – YouTube.

Keep in mind that the basic version of this program is completely free. Yet, users can’t use all the animation options and they will have to accept the logo in their videos even though it’s discreet. If you want to buy this tool, you should know that the subscription is very low. In other words, it deserves your attention be it free or paid.

Don’t start making explainer videos without trying PowToon first.

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