A guide on how to create a gif online

//A guide on how to create a gif online

A guide on how to create a gif online

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a well-crafted GIF is better than ten thousand. Today, getting your customer’s attention online is harder than ever before. GIFs are a fantastic tool that can help gain your customer’s focus.

But can mere mortals who struggle to draw a stickman create great GIFs?

 GIF stands of Graphics Interchange Format, a standard for short, animated images. GIFs are amazing at drawing your visitor’s attention. If you create a clever one, it could go viral and bring more customers than you can handle. They can include a good call to action and present the fun side of your brand.

How do you create a Gif?

A GIF can be created by pooling a sequence of images or by using a short video. Depending on your marketing and/or personal needs, you can use either method.

Giphy.com is the most popular GIF search engine in the world. It has a massive collection of GIFs that can be customised to make our own animation. Sign up for an account and you are ready to create one.

Click on ‘Create’ to get started. If you want to create a GIF using an image sequence, click on choose Photo or GIF and upload your images. Set the image duration and enter captions or stickers in the next step.

To create a GIF via video, hit on ‘Choose Video’ after clicking on Create. Choose your video from any of the video sites or upload your own video. Set the time using the slider and choose the start time. Click on “Continue to Decorate” to add effects, filters and captions.

 Once it is ready, you can upload it to Giphy and then download your copy or start over once again. Share your GIFs on social media sites and observe the response. Rinse and repeat and improve your GIF skills.

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