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Art vs. Pornography: What’s the Difference? Where to draw the line?

In the world of art and pornography, there’s a fine line that often meets or intertwines. In part, it has to do with how both are seen. It is the same manner by which the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is understood. What may be regarded as ugly for one person, can end up being aesthetically pleasing for another. This of course, is nothing new since people have been voicing their opinions on art for centuries. Drawings and sculptures from long ago, caused many to call them sexually explicit content at the time. Others felt it was art and as such, the artists were allowed to get away with it.

While it may not mean much now, think of the uproar nude statues or paintings stirred up back then. Yet today, most people have no qualms with nude statues or art projects that feature similar imagery. Not only that, they go a step further and praise it as fine art. However, when you show those same individuals’ pornography from magazines or movies, they do not feel the same. According to them, they are construed as porn since they are more sexually explicit in nature. This is where the debate gets intense and people begin taking sides.


Some argue that there are scads of erotic and sexually graphic drawings in paintings. For instance, in the rim of an Attic red-figure kylix, images of people engaged in orgies are visible. This particular piece predates 510 BC. Another shows heterosexual couples in bed or drawn images of men with large penises. Not only are not these considered vulgar by many in high society, they are also worth a lot of money. In fact, people are willing to pay millions of dollars for these objects of fine art.


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Those who argue about pornography being an art form point to this as their main defense. They say – and believe – that the only difference between those paintings and a porn video is technology. That is to say that the former presented what the artist had in mind. But because of technological limitations, the artist was not able to make his or her painting do more. The fact that a person today is able to make their ‘painting’ move in form of a video porn movie is not their fault. At least that is the argument they make when comparing the two. This debate is taken to higher levels once you get into erotic porn.


Creators of erotica smut feel as if they deserve the same leeway and appreciation the artists in the past receive now. Perhaps that may happen to them and their works centuries from now. Those people in the future looking at what some call porno now, may just call it art years from now. 

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